Why focus more on promoting your business via the web

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Out-dated resources

Advertising in local newspapers like the Thomson Local and the Yellow Pages is rapidly dying out, because when people require local services these days, they go ONLINE!

People no longer search for local products and services using these kinds of out-dated resources…

The Disadvantages of the Yellow Pages

Your advert is placed right next to your competitors in your industry.

You are placed in one particular advertising section.

Tracking business or leads that actually come from the Yellow Pages is extremely difficult to do (this is one thing you really need to do in your business, and it’s so easy to do with internet marketing).

Not all ads are created equally – You have to spend big to stand out.

You have to pay whether anyone responds to your ad or not (unlike Google AdWords when an advertiser only pays when someone clicks on the ad).

The customer wants instant results – So why spend ages searching through a book when the solution can be found within seconds on Google? Once it’s printed, that’s it! You can’t change it. So there’s no flexibility, unlike the internet, where it’s very easy to update your website.

No testing – how do you know if your ad is working?

You need to have your advert ready months before the book is distributed!

The Decline of Newspaper Advertising

The Newspaper Association of America (NAA) website reported a 27.94% year-on-year decline in newspaper advertising revenue.

Sure, by placing an advert in The Sun, you know that a lot of people are going to read it, but how many of them will want to buy e.g. a plumbing course on the day it is advertised?

Compare that with an advert on Google AdWords – where Google shows adverts  very time someone types in e.g. ‘Plumbing Course’ (or another relevant search term). This is called laser targeted niche marketing, as these are people who are specifically looking for the type of product they are searching for and it’s so much more effective and the same is true for local businesses

For example, let’s say that you’re a solicitor in Maidstone and you place an advert in your local newspaper on a certain day.  How many of the readers may actually need a solicitor that day or that week, do you think?

The numbers are likely to be a very small!

But if your advert popped up online every time someone typed in “solicitor Maidstone”, you’d get a lot of enquiries since this is how people search for products and services these days.

Local media and advertising experts, The Kelsey Group, report that a whopping 74% of internet users perform LOCAL searches nowadays when they’re looking for products and services.

And a massive 43% of search engine users are now seeking a local merchant to buy something offline.

And it’s because ‘local search’ (using Google, for example), is so much easier than using the Yellow Pages because you get results in a matter of seconds.

Look at the next generation – How many children, teenagers or young adults actually use the yellow pages. Not many, right?

 What you need in order to compete in today’s business market

  • A website
  • A website ranking on page 1 of Google (using SEO or PPC)
  • A significant brand awareness and exposure on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
  • A copywriter to write the content for the website
  • Videos to disseminate their message and increase awareness of your products and services

Ultra Web Management offers all those services and more, geared at keeping costs down and being reliable and flexible.

We have a team of gifted SEO and Social Media specialists who can ensure your brand gets noticed on the web.

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