Top 10 Content Management systems

content management systems

Content Management System (CMS) is an integral part of a website, that takes the technicality out of building and maintaining a website. Once a CMS is installed, building a website can be a simple task that includes creating a navigation structure and adding new pages.

There are a number of CMSs out there and some of them are Open Source which means that that developers can change the code to alter the CMS to add e.g. new functionality… This means that CMS’s can be tailored to suit specific requirements.

But choosing the right CMS among the vast number of them out there may not be easy since they all differ. Many hosting companies offer CMS downloads as part of the hosting package like WordPress and Drupal. Downloading can be as simple as clicking on the download button.

There may even be a selection of web design templates to choose from. WordPress also offers hosting packages to fully host websites that includes personal domain names with the WordPress extension like This can be very useful for people who want an all-in-one service… WordPress is known to be the most SEO friendly CMS.

Top 10 CMS


WordPress is a state-of-the-art personal publishing platform with a focus on being very user-friendly and flexible.

It is completely free to download and it has a brilliant plugin feature where plugins can be easily via the control panel. WordPress Plugins are software (modules) specifically designed to work with WordPress and once the plugin is installed it can then be activated for use or deactivated to switch it off.

Developers from all around the world have had a field-day creating WordPress plugins and many of them are free to use. Another great feature of WordPress is how easy it is to install new themes (web design templates) which can then be modified via the control panel.

Like plugins, web designers have created numerous template themes that can be installed with ease and modified with ease. offers an all-in-one web hosting service which means that WordPress can have you set up with a WordPress website without having to pay external hosting fees or you can use an external hosting company that offers a free WordPress download.

By using an external hosting company, you can have your own domain name but through WordPress e.g. unlike with WordPress where your URL would be WordPress is also open source which means that developers can alter the code to tailor it to specific requirements; this also applies to plugins and themes. WordPress is ideal for content driven websites and is the number 1 blogging website.


Joomla is an advanced CMS in terms of its functionality and is more geared at business websites like shopping cart websites.

Not only does it help to build websites but also powerful online applications but some technical know-how may be necessary to make significant modifications to Joomla. Also, unlike WordPress where plugins are developed specifically for blog-type websites, Joomla extensions have a much wider variety.

This open-source CMS is used for publishing web content. Joomla uses object-oriented programming techniques, software design patterns and stores data in MS SQL, PostgreSQL or MySQL database. This content management framework is based on PHP. Joomla has a striking administration interface along with in-built drop-down menus and other features.


Drupal like WordPress is free to download and is more suited to content heavy websites, social media sites, intranets, web applications and member sites. This is one CMS commonly known to be very customizable in which various modules can be plugged and combined according to specific needs. One of Drupal’s most popular features is the Taxonomy module that allows for multiple levels and types of categories for content type.

It is best-suited for large enterprise sites with thousands of page. Drupal is also known for being the most secure of the top systems. Many hosting companies offer Drupal downloads as part of the package.


Radiant is designed for small teams. You get the best plugins and extension systems, layouts, custom tagging language, and flexible templates with snippets and page parts with this open-source CMS. Radiant is built on popular Ruby framework Rails and has countless features worth checking out.

The software has its own tinplating language Radius which is similar to HTML for creation of templates. Radiant is easy for the developers and free from commercial and non-profit use.


Squarespace is an easy-to-use tool for site design and content management. It is a SaaS based CMS composed of blogging platform, hosting service and website builders. Squarespace has comprehensive set of features that includes search-engine optimization, traffic analysis, ecommerce and blogs.
The software is based on JSON Template Language and has a slicker interface that is certainly worth a look. This template can also include JavaScript. A lot of well known companies have websites  built with Square spaces.


TextPattern aims at providing an excellent CMS that can create standard-compliant and well-structured pages. This open source CMS is a popular choice for designers because of its simplicity.

TextPattern has innumerable features and conveniences to offer to users, designers, administrators and developers.  It uses textile markup to create HTML elements within the page and the pages that are generated are extremely lightweight and fast-loading. With a browser-based interface in over 40 languages, excellent support and full range of features, it’s no wonder that publishers, designers and developers everywhere choose Textpattern.


ExpressionEngine (EE) is a modular content management system developed by EllisLab. It is one of the most flexible and elegant CMS solution for any type of project.

ExpressionEngine is one of the most powerful content delivery platforms that have the ability to design template files in- house and manage multiple authors. EE has some useful templating engine that has custom SQL queries, built-in versioning system and custom global variables.

A few other features like query caching, tag caching and template caching help in running the site quickly.


TYPOlight also known as Cantao is perfect for people who want easy-to-use software. This CMS allow developing search engine friendly websites and provides high security standards.

It is one of the most popular CMS because of its Live update service, ease of managing user rights and ability to integrate modules like news, forms and calendars. This web CMS is apt for those who have multiple blogs and provides multi-language support for the users.


Cushy CMS is fast, light weight and simple. It makes life easier for the web designers by simplifying the content management.

The CMS is a hosted solution and does not rely on a specific language. Cushy CMS has the ability to change content for specific number of pages with affecting anything else. In other words, this CMS is free for unlimited pages, unlimited changes, and unlimited sites and for unlimited users.

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