Registering your domain name

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The world wide web is now truly a world and in order to get into that world, you will need a website but for many people who are not web savy there are a few things that you will need to know in order to get started.

Register a unique domain name

 A domain name is web address like in simple terms. The domain can be a mixture of words and numbers.

Domain registration hosting company 

The domain name has to be registered online by a domain registration company like But first of all your have to check to find out whether the domain has not already been registered by someone else; if this is the case it is not possible to register that domain name, since complete domain names have to be unique.

The mid level part of the domain name 

On many occasions, the mid level part of a domain names (mydomainname) has been registered using the top level and .com but other top levels like .biz, .org or .info are free to be registered by someone else. and .com are the most popular top levels registered online.

You have to decide whether you want to register a domain name that has some top levels registered by someone else.  

The pitfalls of sharing a domain name 

If you register a domain name called to hold events in London and plan to promote your website with a huge advertising campaign, but another company has registered the same domain name using the top level and .com so , this means that your advertising campaign may inadvertantly benefit the other websites with the same mid level name that you are not associated with.

If your website becomes a brand name, this can pose a huge problem which may lead you into having to see whether you can buy the other domain names.  You may find yourself having to pay an extortionate amount.    

Choosing the right domain name

 Finding complete available domain names can be a task when your choices are very popular names like or  

You can opt for nonsensical names like Yahoo and Google but such websites are normally powered by a huge advertising campaigns to brand that name’s company purpose despite the name not making much sense within its own right.   The good thing about the domain names Yahoo and Google is that they are short and punchy.   

Yahoo could have chosen the domain name and Google could have used the domainname  but those domain names are very longwinded and have more words to type which in the long-run can be very time consuming.

Self explanatary domain names

 If you don’t have a huge budget to promote a website, registering a domain name that is very self explanatory can make it easier for your website to  be indexed by search engine.   

If a company that fits new bathrooms registered the domain name  the domain name reflects what many browsers will input as keywords in the search engine when they are searching for a new bathroom.   The same applies to a web management company that provides a web management service.  

If the domain is called many people will input the keywords web management companies in the UK when looking for a web management company in the UK.

If someone set up an events website called Exzorium, no one will type in the search engines Exzorium to search for events.   Like Yahoo and Google, Exzorium will have to become a huge brand name for people to use the keywords Exzorium events.

First name and surname domain names 

Many fashion designers, the business and website under the name of the  fashion designer.    A singer or actor will also register a domain name using their own name which makes sense.    

If the singer or actor becomes famous, fans will type in the famous name as a keyword and search engine will bring up all the websites under the same name including Twitter and Facebook profiles that the famous person has opened.