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Budget matters

Budget matters
Starting anything can be quite a challenge, even starting to walk as an infant; at the time it seems like such a big deal; it’s hard to imagine being able to run when each step takes so much effort. When starting up a business, the first thing that needs to get started is the wheels […]

The Business Startup Network monthly event

The business startup network
As they say, it’s not what you do, it’s who you know.  Ultra-Web Management through The Business Startup Network is due to hold a meetup event for people who have a business startup idea and want to network with people who can help them get things started. The event is also for people who have […]

Top business ideas to begin with minimal investment

Financial planning
For beginners who are looking to make a big impact in the industry, they should keep their mind open towards multiple business ideas. You may never know which of the business ideas may catch your attention. Otherwise you might lose many of the business opportunities without even knowing the potential it might offer you.  In […]

Why less is more when it comes to website content

Man pulling his hair out
Websites are now the main shopping front for most businesses and they are now vying to get the attention of the mass public which is why less is more when it comes to website content. Attention span  The information highway is swamped with so much information but sometimes attention spans can be very short.   […]