The Startup Business Network

The Startup Business Network

Every month, we hold a business network event called, The Business Startup Network for people who have a business startup idea and want to network with people who can help them get things started.

This event is also ideal for people who have an existing business but want to meet contacts who can possibly collaborate with who can help to grow the business through offering helpful services like accountancy, Search engine optimization, (SEO), website design, project management, financial planning advice etc.

How to get your business started 

Sometimes, getting a business started can be the hardest thing to do and this network is geared at bringing people together who offer reliable and affordable services for business startups.

Do you have a business idea mulling in your head but don’t feel that you have the time or know-how to get things started?   Do you have a limited budget?

We invite business motivational speakers to our meetups, business consultants, anyone who has the know-how.

But more importantly, we invite people who want to startup a business and have just started up a business and we also invite people who have this need to change their life by heading away from the 9-5 and want to gain a heads-up on what opportunities are out there.

 The Business Startup Network

If you are a service provider, let us know what service you provide beforehand so that we can ensure that there’s a nice mix of services with not too many people offering the same service.

There’s an old saying ‘it’s not what you do, it’s who you know’ so let’s all come together to get things started.

Attending the event

The ticket price to attend is just £5.00.   To book tickets please click here 

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