Ways of overcoming business startup obstacles


Strangely enough, one of the biggest obstacles that we have to face in starting up a business is ourselves.   Self doubt, a lack of discipline, a negative attitude can curtail business plans before they are able to see the light of day.

Being stuck in a rut

 We can find ourselves stuck in a rut feeling that a boring 9-5 job  is truly where we belong.   Having the eyes to percieve another reality where you are  free, empowered in life through having your own successful business may be nothing but a punching bag.   

Having the vision 

 Everyone that you know is stuck in a rut, only doing a job for that paycheck every month; none of your friends are living the dream.   How can you head in the opposite direction and become a successful business owner where you have the power to make your own decisions.

Instead, on a bright and sunny afternoon, you look out the window wishfully, wishing you were free to take a walk in the park.   How can you tell you’re manager – Listen, we’re experiencing the first real summer day of the year and I want to enjoy it by putting aside my work and taking a walk in the park instead‘.

What do you think you’re manager is going to say about that?  You’re working hours is from 9am to 5:30pm; it is only 2:30pm; you have 3 and a half more hours to go before your day is done, but by then the sun has gone down. 

You head home in the evening but you are flaked out.  all you want to do is have dinner without having to peel any onions and settle down to watching your favourite TV show that enables you to switch off.

How can you think about your own business plans ?   You have already spent your whole day serving someone else’s business plans and now the sun has gone down.

Your pay check

 Your pay check each month puts a roof over your head and food on your plate; it pays for the clothes on your back and you’re thinking of walking away from it to startup your own business!  Really?

What business?   How are you going to run it when your time is utilized serving someone else’s business?   How many hours are there in a day hu?

Oh and your pay check is just enough to cover your most basic needs; not much is left over to become an entrepreneur.   Who in your family is an entrepreneur any way?   Your great, great, great, great grand parents?   How many people are entrepreneurs?

Self doubt and TV shows 

How can you startup your own business with so many self doubts and so many TV shows?   What if you have Sky TV, what then?    You end up with two major obstacles, self doubt and sky TV.


Or like a prisoner in a cell you can come home in the evening and work on your business plan that is all based around freeing yourself from a prison if that’s where you feel you are.

so many people are happy in their 9-5 job; all theyhave to do is make sure they do a good job to get the regular pay check.   They don’t feel that they are in a prison; they are content; they dont have any further ambitions away from their life; they may wish they had a little more money in the bank but not enough to do anything about it.

Birds trapped in a cage

 But then there are the birds in a cage who feel trapped and long to be free.  They need a business idea that is doable and affordable.   They need to know where they can gain help without it costing the earth.    

Starting up on a small budget and a lack of free  time

 You have a small budget and lack time since you spend most of your time 9-5ing so you need to find a business who can work on your behalf who are so afforable and reliable, able to get the wheels turning.

You don’t believe you can find the right resouces; you think companies are going to charge the earth like £500 to £600 in setup fees for an SEO service. 

You feel that you may end up lining other people’s pockets in a field that you are not sure about.   So you decide not to get started.

Overcoming your own obstacle

Among the masses who are content in 9-5ing  there are a number of people who want to head off in their own direction owning their own business but they may not know that the first obstacle they have to over come is themselves.

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