Why less is more when it comes to website content

Man pulling his hair out

Websites are now the main shopping front for most businesses and they are now vying to get the attention of the mass public which is why less is more when it comes to website content.

Attention span

 The information highway is swamped with so much information but sometimes attention spans can be very short.   Someone is looking for a service, they need to find it fast but want the best deal.

 A website has been found but the website content is way too wordy, the sentences are too long.   All the reader can see is a web page full of text that they have to read.

The reader switches off in horror.   “I don’t want to read all that!  I just want to find the right service”.   

Too much information

Some business owners are very passionate about their business and sometimes this can come across in the website content, unaware that potential clients just have two question:  Can you do the job and how much?

If there is too much information, potential clients may be inclined to believe that you can’t do the job and look elsewhere.    Wait a minute – COME BACK.   Once gone, they  might never return.    The website content hadn’t sharply hit the hammer smack bang on the nail.  Gotcha.    Instead the website had danced around a bit.

Road rage

Potential clients can be a bit like people who suffer from road rage. Their nerves are so brittle and they don’t take any prisoners. They won’t want to give you any business if the website content dances around the bush.

About us page

This is a crucial page that most website owners should hit the nail right on the head about what their business does within the first sentence.

As a website editor who has been editing top brass websites like Public Health England, Virgin Media and many local council websites, I am given content from web authors and sometimes I groan.

I can take an A4 page of content and cut it down to just a few sentences with the addition of bullet points if need be, especially if the content is for the www and not the intranet.


Intranets are known to be aspect of a company that staff only use if necessary; since in most instances they are used as a dumping ground for information and bogged down with so much content that staff rarely browse to see what useful information they might find.

Browse!  Are you mad?

It goes to show that quantity does not truly count, it’s quality that counts.    On a final note, the good thing about content is it can easily be changed; it’s not stuck in stone like the printing of a book.

A website can be reviewed and edited professionally, viewed by the eyes of someone who appreciates the beauty of content getting to the point without causing readers to feel irked.

It can be all in a day’s work.